Ads Bear

How much does a polar bear weigh?
Enough to break the ice.

We are experts in iGaming and Sports Betting lead generation.

Stop working with agencies that provide the bear minimum.

There is no bearier to success with us.

buying leads?

We place your offers where they can be transformed into qualified leads.

selling leads?

Enjoy top converting offers from industry-leading advertisers.

Overcome the market’s pandamonium.

join an affiliate network that doesn’t paws for breaks.

Performance is our goal.
What's yours?

S2S, API, Pixel Tracking, Zapier, or other on-demand platforms, our technical support team will secure an easy affiliate system integration process; hence you will know every leaves’ movement and track down every footprint that stumbles upon your CRM. We’ll bear a hand throughout the entire process.

Depending on your desired audience touchpoint and advertising strategy, your budget will bear a charmed life with our CPA, CPL, Revenue Share, or our custom-designed pricing models to turn your goals into a long-term investment.

Increase flexibility across your campaigns by leveraging the tracks your target audience has left behind throughout their journey, their interactions with every ad element, and embody undeniable & actionable data into your ad strategy – captivate attention to unloose performance, and your leads will be hotter than your landing page’s heatmap.

Although our account managers can go grizzly to ensure an above-the-average performance to all our clients, regardless of their verticals, they are, in fact, similar to teddy bears – you will enjoy having them around 24/7 to safeguard your campaigns and spread pawsitivity (ROI included).

Did you know that despite their hulky physiques, grizzly bears can speed up to 56 km/h in contrast to dogs who can run up to approximately 49 km/h?

Just like our payments. Always faster than your current partners.

we have a broad spectrum of payment methods available, including Wire, USDT, and BTC, to suit every business’s requirements.

Pandas might subsist primarily on bamboo, but that doesn’t mean your campaigns should only rely on the same resources. Our creative team will bring a diversified menu of media assets to the table to guarantee complete satisfaction, custom-tailored for your target audience, with respect to the channels of choice and data particularities. 

Our partners

Say hello, we don't bite

Bears have an excellent sense of smell, hearing, and sight.

At Ads Bear, we cannot take pride in our ability to smell delicious food from miles away, but we can surely sniff the potential of fruitful alliances.